13 Things mentally strong people don’t do, and then some

Being mentally strong means, among other things, that no matter how much stress you’re under or how much resistance you face, you just won’t give in. This article on “13 Things mentally strong people don’t do, and then some” will help you to develop positive habits for standing your ground and not being a pushover for other people to take advantage of you.

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What mentally strong people will not do

The reality is that no one is born mentally strong. This inner superhero strength usually develops based on life experiences. However, a good starting point to becoming a mentally strong person is to examine the things that they won’t do. After all, it is much easier to see when someone is mentally strong by observing what they’re not doing as opposed to looking at what they’re doing. If you think about it, you can’t see them physically flexing their mental muscle and showing their toughness, but you can tell that they’re mentally tough by the fact that they act as tough as a cookie and are willing to stand their ground. They have a very positive self-image.

As promised, here are 13 things that mentally strong people don’t do. Mentally strong people:

    1. DO NOT act as victims: They simply refuse to allow someone else to take advantage of them and let them feel inferior or less deserving. They hold the firm view that absolutely nobody can make you a victim unless you let them. And they just won’t let them.
    2. DO NOT believe in overnight success: They instead are aware that smart work pays off in the end, and that the results they seek will occur eventually. Thy do not fall prey to “Get Rich Quick Schemes”.
    3. DO NOT avoid taking calculated risks: They believe that the higher the expected return, the higher the risk that you must be willing to take. But they don’t just blindly take risks. They assess the pros and cons of a situation, consider what they stand to lose or gain, and make an informed decision to take or not to take the calculated risk.Take risks - girl swinging near a waterfall
    4. DO NOT dwell on hurt feelings: Mentally strong people are human so they will feel hurt at some point in time. They however do not let those feelings overcome them. When they get knocked down, they get back up, shake themselves off and move on.
    5. DO NOT care about being liked by everyone: They agree to disagree, and if you don’t like their point of view, then too bad for you. They’re not going to go crawl under a rock and hide. They move on.
    6. DO NOT loathe change: They accept that change is constant and a necessary part of life. So rather than steering clear from change, they embrace it and focus on the positive that can come from it.
    7. DO NOT commit the same mistakes over and over: Instead, they learn from past mistakes and take steps to avoid repeating them. They see mistakes as opportunities to try something different the next time around.
    8. DO NOT reject things they cannot control: Rather than fighting things that are outside of their sphere of control, they accept them, learn from them and handle them appropriately.
    9. DO NOT expect handouts: They believe that if they put in the effort, they will be justly rewarded, and that there is no such thing as something for nothing.
    10. DO NOT mind being alone: They fully appreciate the power that comes with being in your own space, by yourself, perhaps meditating, and focusing on what truly matters to you.
    11. DO NOT like to quit: They know that success doesn’t always come after only one attempt. They believe therefore that, if at first you don’t succeed, you should try and try again until you do.
    12. DO NOT keep their minds settled on past events: They believe that what happened in the past, stays in the past. They also know that, whereas you can learn from past events, you shouldn’t let your brain keep recollecting those events. The only exception to this is when you want to reminisce on some past favorable event which you want to use as stimulation or additional motivation for success going forward.
    13. DO NOT get jealous of others’ success: They view another’s success as motivation to achieve the same result or even go a step further. Rather than allowing jealousy to consume them, they focus on a way to get success for themselves.

Are you mentally strong?

Now that you’ve seen a list of 13 things which mentally strong people refuse to do, tell me: Are you mentally strong? Of the thirteen, how many are you aligned with? If your answer is 0, then you’re certainly not mentally strong. In contrast, if your answer is 13 then you’re as mentally strong as anyone can get. Kudos to you!

The reality however is that most of us will select an answer anywhere between 0 and 13. The closer to 0 the answer is, the more mentally WEAK a person is, while the closer to 13 the answer is, the more mentally STRONG a person is. Irrespective of where on the scale the answer lies, there are certainly some areas that can be brushed up on.

How to become mentally strong if you’re not

If you’re not mentally strong, all is not lost. Below is a list of 4 changes that you can start implementing as early as today and be well on your way to becoming a rock star! Here they are:

  1. DON’T do the 13 things which mentally strong people won’t do. It’s that simple! If you want mental toughness and you know what not to do, then just don’t do it.
  2. Begin with the endgame in mind. If you focus on where you want to go in life and what you want to achieve, rather than focusing on what you fear, you WILL get the desired outcome.
  3. When things don’t go your way, just keeping pushing forward!
  4. Love yourself.

One final thought

Being mentally tough can be fantastic and absolutely change your life for the better. But, and yes there is a but, don’t let being mentally stronger get to your head. Pun intended! Being mentally strong does not mean that you must be an obnoxious person and rub it in other people’s faces. It just means that you are expressing one of the virtues of being the very best version of yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get mentally strong already. NOW is the time for action. Another minute that you wait to become mentally tough is another minute that you’re missing out on all the rewards that can come with it.


Please let me know how things work out by leaving a comment below. Until next time….

4 thoughts on “13 Things mentally strong people don’t do, and then some”

  1. Excellent article Lyndon. I particularly like your point about not being a victim. I can get frustrated when people blame others for their life or situations. We always have choice (even if it’s a hard choice) about what we do or how we respond (including how we feel). Your point about the past is good too. Focusing on the past generally doesn’t do us any good as most times it’s the things we regret or didn’t do that we dwell on – very unhelpful. Being genuinely happy for other people’s successes actually helps us to manifest what we want. It’s all energy and that’s powerful. Thankyou for sharing.

  2. Very good article with very valid points especially acting victim. Reading through your article made me to think twice. I have always thought I am 100% mentally strong but your article opened my eyes a bit, I need to work on one area. Your article will surely connect with your audience no doubt. Very informative and interesting.


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