How to Be the Best You Can Be – 10 Steps to Take Now

Many times, you ask yourself questions such as: “Why am I not better?”, “Why didn’t I get the result I was looking for?”. And, upon self-reflection, you recognize that the answer to these questions lie in the fact that you did not give it your best shot. You simply just did not give it your all. But how do you solve this problem? By simply learning how to be the best you can be. Here are ten steps that you can start taking now.

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1. Have a very strong desire to be the very best version of yourself

A very strong or burning desire to be the very best version of yourself is the starting point of your success. This burning desire gives you no choice but to be your best, and nothing but your best! When you have a winning attitude, supported by a burning desire, you will become so obsessed with winning that you will not stop until you get your desired result.

But just having a burning desire is not enough by itself. You must feed that desire with the needs for happiness, self-actualization and fulfillment. The stronger your reason or why for being your best, the stronger your desire will be, and the greater your chance of success.

2. Believe in Yourself

Believe in your abilities to be better than you are now and see yourself being the best that you can be. Once you have that belief, nothing can stop you.

If self-doubt tries to creep in and make you hesitant and anxious, just embrace it and push through. Keep the focus on being your best.

Everyone’s version of success is different. Your version of success will be different from your friend’s own. But don’t be concerned that your friend is not where he or she wants to be in life. That’s their problem. Focus on you and what you want to accomplish. Believe that you can do it.

3. Maintain inspiration and motivation to be your best

To achieve success, you need to strengthen your mind and become resilient. Make the conscious decision to make success your goal and to work diligently in order to achieve that goal.

Whenever you feel like stopping short of what you can accomplish, remember your why, your reason for doing it in the first place. Keep that motivation level high by routinely saying positive affirmations to yourself. Read self-development books. Listen to motivational audio books and watch motivational videos. No matter what, keep that energy level high.

Try meditation. Reserve at least 10 – 15 minutes each day when you can be by yourself and just focus. Focus on being your best.

4. Challenge yourselfBe the best you can be - challenge yourself

Always try to get better and to be better. It is only then can you know how far you can reach.

When you have accomplished something significant on your to do list, enjoy the moment and be thankful, but don’t become complacent. Your success means that you can do even more. So, keep pushing yourself to do even better next time. And if you feel like giving up, push even further. Always remember your why for doing it, feel that burning desire inside of you telling you not to stop, and keep pushing through.

5. Think about others who depend on you

What about the people who depend on you to do your best? Your children, your spouse, your parents. How do you think they will feel, knowing that they have put all their faith and trust in someone who is not playing their part and giving of their best? If you are tired of shortchanging them, then do something about it. Actively take steps to be the best that you can be and stop letting them down.

6. Don’t be a pushover

There will always be obstacles in the way, that’s just life. But no matter what, never stop trying to find a way. No matter how many times you may get pushed down, just keep on getting up, and stay in the game.

Make your happiness a priority. That way you won’t make it too easy for anyone else to stop you from accomplishing what you want. Learn to say “no” and mean it. Be assertive and stand up for yourself.

7. Aim for Perfection

Be the best you can be - aim for perfectionYou must have heard the expression: “The sky’s the limit!”. It simply means that you have no limits to what you can accomplish in life, only those which you set for yourself. You should therefore set very big goals and take massive action towards achieving them.

Try to be perfect in what you do. If you aim for perfection and fall short, don’t be discouraged. Embrace the experience and try even harder next time. But never set your aim low or you will never get even close to what you want.

8. Be willing to make sacrifices and take risks

Choose to make sacrifices that are necessary in order to accomplish that which you desire. These sacrifices could involve spending less time with your family, sleeping in less, and even using social media less. You will thank yourself afterwards.

Your sacrifice may also come in the form of leaving your comfort zone. Leaving the certainty and safety that comes with doing what you have always done and no more. It may seem painful to leave this comfort zone but think about what will happen if you don’t. Think about the possible regret. You will never know what could have been, if you don’t try. Take the risk, make the sacrifice and push through.

9. Don’t be afraid to fail

So what if you fail? Is it the end of the world? Of course not! There is therefore no reason why you should be afraid of failing. If you fail, you should simply learn from the experience, and try again. This time, with even more tenacity than the last time.

10. Learn from others

Is there someone who has achieved the heights of success that you want to achieve? I’m sure there is. Let the fact that they did it motivate you to do it too. Study them. Learn how they did it and try to do it even better.

As a matter of fact, surround yourself with people like that. You will be inspired even more to be the best that you can be.

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