How To Organize The Home Office For Maximum Productivity On a Low Budget

Does the energy of your workspace at home feel stagnant to you? Do you want to have a more stylish home office which has good energy to work in and leaves you feeling motivated, focused, and ready to get things done? You may not realize it but desk position and space play an important role in maximizing your productivity. This article provides several tips that can help you to organize the home office for maximum energy and productivity, especially if you are on a low budget.

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Having a creative and inspiring home office does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money buying new things. On the contrary, it is quite possible to have an awe-inspiring home office without even spending a dollar.

The first step to take when seeking to organize your office space for productivity is to think about what keeps you on track with work and what does the opposite. For instance, do you need a good time management system or calendar to help prioritize tasks? Do you need sound in the background such as music or the television to keep you focused, or do you need an organized space free of distractions? It may help if you look back to your school days and remember what sort of space you needed to buckle down and study. The bottom line is to determine what will help you to feel inspired to achieve and do more.

Some people can work anywhere if they have a laptop, and a comfortable chair. Others may not like the flexibility and prefer a stable work environment. Which one of these types of people are you? If you prefer the flexibility, then think about the places in your home which will allow you to feel inspired to work and what you will want to have there for maximum productivity.

If you prefer a stable workspace, then read on below for some creative ideas. Once you have uncovered your office inspiration, you will know which of these home office ideas will best fit your work style and budget. All you must do is pick the best-fitting ideas to implement first and you will ramp up your office productivity in no time.

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Home Office Organization Ideas

1. Choose a location in your home, make thrift choices and repurpose to finish

Thrifting and repurposing can be beneficial to you, regardless of your work style and preferences. You need to pick a space in your home and call it your office. This space could simply be a corner of your guestroom, a place in your kitchen, or even a spot in your living room. Whatever the choice, you must own it.

You will also need to make thrifty or frugal decisions. There is no need for you to purchase office decoration to adorn your space with. Instead, look at what you already own and how you can use it as is, or tweak it to your liking. A few ideas to get your creative juices flowing include covering small boxes with printed paper, using jars to organize your pens and pencils, using available fabric to make curtains, and making use of a table as a makeshift desk.

After repurposing what you already own, you may still want to visit thrift stores, Kijiji, or even Craigslist for furniture and larger items that you might need and cannot find at home. If you do decide to do this, look for lower cost furniture which you can easily brighten with some paint or patch up with some fabric.

wall decor

2. Get bargain wall décor

Having inspiring quotes or pictures in your home office may help you to stay focused and feel happy while you are busy working. Think about printing and framing your own artwork or even those of your kids, if you have any, and using them to decorate your office space. You can get inexpensive frames at the Dollar Store or Walmart.

If you have a whiteboard and/or clipboard, think about hanging it on your wall. You can also throw in a calendar as both additional decoration and a useful planning tool. A pretty wall or desk calendar can spruce up your office space and give you a visual reference to stay on track. A wall-clock too, if available, can also add an extra nice touch.

3. Use a Yoga Ball as An Office Chair and Get in Some Exercise

Using a yoga stability ball as your office chair can help with your posture and simultaneously relieve back pain. It can also help you to remain focused if you find it difficult to sit for long periods of time.

The bounciness of the yoga ball will help you to feel awake and motivated, especially if you tend to fidget a lot. And the good news is…they are relatively affordable.

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4. Protect and Value Your Time

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! Blocking out certain chunks of time and working with a schedule can help you to get major things done.

You may find that you need to work late at night or extra early in the morning just to get as much achieved as possible.

Time-blocking can also be very beneficial. This involves prioritizing tasks for the workday by blocking out time in 15-30-minute increments and focusing on the 3-5 most important tasks. Once those time intervals are blocked out, less important tasks can be factored in. Using a timer can be helpful. Overall, time blocking can help you to really focus on your most important tasks without any interruptions.


5. Declutter Your Office Space

Get out of the habit of having piles of paperwork and sticky notes everywhere and jotting down random ideas on the back of receipts, napkins, or loose paper. Chances are, you won’t remember most of what you’ve written or where you’ve written it. Being this messy and disorganized can cost you money in the form of lost ideas, time, and productivity.

Try to store and file items right away to avoid having piles of paperwork sitting around. Arrange binders and other physical files on a bookshelf if you have one. In fact, it is better to organize your files virtually, use bookmarks, and create relevant folders and subfolders using an appropriate naming convention. Periodically sorting through folders can be quite useful and prevent you from aimlessly searching for items on your laptop, in your trash and through your email archives.

Saving files that you know you will not need to look at for quite a while, on an external hard drive or cloud storage, can help to create space on your computer.

Having a clean home office and a well-organized filing system will help you to stay more focused and productive.

6. Arrange Your Home Office Near Natural Lighting

Working by a window which lets in natural sunlight is probably the best thing that you can do to maximize productivity in your home office. Sunlight helps to boost the level of serotonin in your brain, which can give you more energy and help to keep you calm, positive, and focused.

If your chosen space is not by a window, then ensure that it has adequate, bright artificial lighting that can help to keep you focused and is not too dim and likely to lull you to sleep.

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Final Thoughts

This article has shown that it is quite easy to implement awesome home office ideas on a budget and create an office environment that you will want to work in. After all, a motivating workspace is vital to staying productive and avoiding distractions, whether you are blogging, your job involves working from home, you are making extra money online, or simply taking care of your home bills using your office space.

Working from home is totally possible! But it is important to stay diligent about keeping yourself focused and managing your tasks well. Block out time for work, create space to work in, and use office inspiration and style to your advantage.

At the end of each day, make sure you organize the home office for the next day. When work is over for the day, straighten your desk and put everything in its place before walking out of your office. And then you’re all set for the next day.



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