Very best version of yourself – The Power Is Within You!

Every day you are faced with a myriad of choices. The choice to be a good partner, the choice to be a good parent, the choice to be a good employee, just to name a few. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to settle at being merely a good partner, parent or employee, you can CHOOSE TO BE THE VERY BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF no matter what situation you are in.

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Choose Correctly

YOUR ACTIONS DEFINE WHO YOU ARE. When you do not act in accordance with your ideal values, beliefs and expectations for yourself, you can bet your last dollar that you will end up cheating yourself and settling for less than you want and truly deserve.

Fortunately, YOU have the power to choose the very best version of yourself over all the others. There are practical steps that you can take consistently, which will enable you to make the optimal choices in every situation. This post is here to assist you in doing just that.

Why we do what we do

You must be wondering to yourself: What is this best version of yourself talk all about? Well, consider the following: Have you ever lied to your boss or manager about why you did not complete a task? Have you ever continued eating long after your stomach felt full? Have you ever done something, you know was wrong and should not have done, but did it anyway? What about prolonging an argument with your partner long after both of you have said your piece and the argument is going down a dangerous pathway? Do you get it now? Exactly! In those circumstances you have allowed your, not so wonderful, self to dominate your actions and become the leader.

It’s all about how you choose to respond in daily situations when challenges or obstacles present themselves. Your response depends on which version of yourself is dominating the situation. Unfortunately, most times you fall prey to the sub-optimal version of yourself…. the version which does not allow you to do your very best.

This same principle applies to your health and fitness levels. You may want to be conscious of what you eat and avoid certain foods as well as adopt a routine exercise program so that you will maintain a healthy weight and feel good about your physical appearance. Even though you want this for yourself, you often give in to old, bad habits which cause you to skip the gym or to feast on junk foods. The only reason that happens is because…. yes that’s right…… you’ve allowed one of your not so very best versions of yourself to control you.

What the very best version of yourself looks like

Imagine someone who has achieved self-actualization by being all they can be. This person is where they are in life because that’s exactly where they want to be. Everything is just awesome  for  them.Success

Being where you want to be in life means different things to different people. To some, this may involve running their own successful business. To others, it may involve having the ideal 9 to 5 job, while to others still, it may involve not working at all. Irrespective of the preferred lifestyle, the main attribute is that positive decisions and actions are consistently applied. These repeatedly bring about the desired outcome and result in a person becoming all they can be.

Why the very best version of yourself is often unheard

To put it quite simply, it’s just easier to let the other versions win…. full stop! It requires less effort, as well as less self-control and discipline on your part. It’s almost as if you’re self-programmed to let them win. For example, when the clock alarms in the mornings to wake you up to get ready for work, you hit the snooze button, knowing very well that if you stay in bed any longer, you will be late for work. Sadly, you do it anyway. Why? This results from the internal struggle that ensues. One voice inside your head tells you to get up now, another one tells you to wait just 5 more minutes, yet another one tells you to just go back to sleep and awaken when you’re fully refreshed. It requires less effort to stay in bed, hence the battle is won before it has even begun.

Take Action and Change

If you are to be who you know you were meant to be, then you MUST change. This change involves changing your mindset, changing your behaviors, and changing the levels of your actions.

You will need to show some courage in order to do this, but that’s okay. You’ll thank yourselves afterwards. Change starts with WILLPOWER. You must first WANT TO CHANGE because all the power to change lies within YOU!

Once you make a conscious decision to let the very best side of yourself shine, there are some basic things you can start doing from as early as today. Here are ten examples to get you started:

• CHOOSE to be better at what you do, at what you think, and at what you envision!

• STOP settling for less than you know you deserve!

• ELIMINATE procrastination!Stop procrastinating

• UP your game and bring it!

• THINK Big, THINK abundantly!

• If doing something scares you, but you know it’s for your own good, just DO IT!

• Give 100% in whatever you do!

• Make the decision to LEARN something new every day!

• GIVE value to others!

• ENJOY life!

Don’t Just Read This – Act Today

You should strive to adopt the very best version of yourself in all that you do. Other versions of yourself will try to sabotage your efforts but it is up to you to CHOOSE which version you WANT to take control. You need to stop making excuses and be honest with yourself.

This article has given you a lot to think about. It won’t help you however unless you act decisively on what you have learnt. What better time is there to act than today? I implore you to not just read this but act today!

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Here’s to being the very best version of yourself.Yes you can




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