Wealthy Affiliate Reviews 2021 – Must Read before joining

On your quest to discover the very best version of yourself, you have probably thought about what you can do to gain financial freedom and become as successful as you know you were meant to be. This quest is what lead me to join Wealthy Affiliate in October of 2019. Even if you have seen other Wealthy Affiliate Reviews online before, I promise that mine will give you a different perspective than you have seen before.

I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate because I was curious, I wanted to explore more ways to make money online and I knew I had to do something different if I was to truly taste success. I signed up for a free starter account but upgraded to their paid Premium membership soon afterwards, having realized the value that it had to offer.

After being a member for over a year at Wealthy Affiliate, I finally decided that it was time to write a Wealthy Affiliate review with my findings on whether this is a good program to sign up for or not.

Over the years I have gotten increasingly upset with the lack of ethics and misinformation being spread from many affiliate marketers, especially as it pertains to the “make money online” niche. Whereas many online marketers suggested that you could get rich quick using their methods, I found out a long time ago that this was just a façade.

Some links on this page may be affiliate links and we may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these. You can read our full affiliate disclosure here.

My Promise To You

With that said, I want to fully disclose that I am indeed an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate. If you click on any of my affiliate links, like this one, I will get credit if you sign up for a paid membership option. But clicking on my affiliate link will certainly benefit you too! Why? Because, not only will you get access to a ton of resources, if you sign up after clicking my link, I get notified and we are able to have private 1-on-1 conversations within’ the Wealthy Affiliate community. This is a huge added benefit and all you’ll need to do is use my affiliate link before signing up for your free account.

You might be thinking… doesn’t being an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate make me just another one of those affiliate marketers who is being biased and just trying to squeeze money from you? You have every right to think that way. All I can ask is that you take my word for it. The truth is……although I have not tried many other affiliate programs, I have firsthand experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I have read reviews about other affiliate programs, and have formed my own opinion about sticking with Wealthy Affiliate. I will say this however….it is possible that there are better affiliate programs out there, but I can’t go into as much details about any other program than I can about this one.

My promise to you is that, if you give me a chance by continuing to read this Wealthy Affiliate review, I will provide you with all the information that I have, which hopefully will allow you to make your own decision. If I get a commission as a result of this, great! If not, that’s ok too. I simply want to provide you with value that can help you to make an informed decision.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

At the time of writing this post, Wealthy Affiliate offers 3 membership options:

  • A free Starter Account
  • A Premium Membership
  • A Premium Plus Membership

My Reason For Signing Up With Wealthy Affiliates

As I mentioned earlier, being the very best version of myself includes being as successful as I possibly can. That is why, like most people, I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate because I wanted to learn how to make money online, how to build a website, how to blog, and more importantly, how to earn money from that blog. I was also attracted to the fact that I could check out what Wealthy Affiliate had to offer with a free account, and without entering any credit card details.

Needless to say, I was blown away pretty quickly after signing up for a free Starter Account. It became very apparent after a few days into my Starter Account that Wealthy Affiliate was far superior to other options I had seen online. I was extremely impressed by the warm community, quality of the recorded trainings, the live chat and support options, as well as the business-like approach for beginners to pros alike.

What You Get With The FREE Wealthy Affiliate Membership Option

As I mentioned earlier, you do not need to enter any credit card details or other payment information in order to sign up for a free starter account with Wealthy Affiliate. The free membership gives you limited access to the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard. Some of your access will last forever, such as some of the training videos and community features, while other features only last for a limited time, such as the live chat feature.

Here is a breakdown of what you get with the free Wealthy Affiliate Membership:

  • 7 Days of Limited Support
  • 1 Free Website (on .siterubix.com domain). The SiteRubix tool helps you build websites in a matter of minutes.
  • Free SSL
  • Website Backup
  • Certification Core Training – Level 1
  • Bootcamp Core Training – Level 1
  • Jaaxy Starter package (free)
  • 30 keyword searches
  • Affiliate program search
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Video Walk-Throughs

And the Cost is FREE!

I would like to tell you a little bit about their certification courses. Wealthy Affiliate offers a total of 5 certification courses as follows:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. Making Money!
  4. Mastering Social Engagement
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

While you have the free Starter Account, you are encouraged to dive right into the Level 1 course.  This course has 10 lessons and aims to familiarize you with the overall concept of affiliate marketing.

As you proceed through the Level 1 training, there are several action-based items that you are required to complete before moving on to the next section. This keeps you engaged and allows you to interact within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

The levels 2 through 5 certification courses are premium level courses which are similar to the level 1 course in that they all have several action based items that you should complete before progressing to the next step.

At this time, you may be wondering if you can run a successful online business by using only the free membership option at Wealthy Affiliate. The answer is maybe, but…… I would not recommend it. Instead, I strongly recommend that you sign up for the free Wealthy Affiliate membership as a way to try things out first before making a longer-term commitment to get premium membership or not.

The free membership is set up to be a bit of a teaser to get you to sign up for premium eventually, but that is to be expected. What’s nice about this option is that you can judge for yourself, based on the free membership, whether it’s worth signing up for the premium membership or not. Ultimately, only YOU can decide if Wealthy Affiliate is of a high enough quality or not. But I guarantee you that…..you will get sufficient information on what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer by signing up for their free Starter Account.

What You Get with The PREMIUM Wealthy Affiliate Membership Option (Intermediate Package)

The PREMIUM Wealthy Affiliate membership is where you get access to absolutely everything you NEED to build a successful business online.

All the Certification Courses and Bootcamp courses are unlocked and become available to you.

New training videos are added daily, and you can ask specific questions about the training which typically get answered within a few minutes. You can also search and browse past training sessions that were created over the years.

When you are a premium member and have passed a certain time frame, you have the privilege of adding your own training inside the members’ area. This creates a great diverse set of learning opportunities from other members who have experience in various skills.

Each week there is a live video training session with one of the master trainers in Wealthy Affiliates, Jay Neill. Each week different relevant topics on internet marketing ranging from step-by-step processes to hot seats are discussed. The live training caters to all skill levels and tries to incorporate beginner and advanced topics within each webinar. Every live training session is recorded so if you are unable to attend one live, there is a recording available within 24 hours after the live broadcast.  You can also leave a star rating and review for each session which can be shown to all members.

You get unlimited access to community features which is one of my favorite aspects of Wealthy Affiliate. When someone uses my link to sign up, I get notified, and the personal one-on-one coaching can begin. I am not aware of any other platform which offers this option.

Here is a breakdown of what you get with the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership:

  • Unlimited Support
  • All Levels Core Training
  • 1000+ Training Modules
  • Jaaxy Lite ($19/month value)
  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • Manual Competition Analysis
  • Enhanced Affiliate Program Search
  • Unlimited Private Messaging
  • Hosting for up to 10 Websites
  • Website Security Package
  • Daily Backup
  • Hacking Prevention
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – All Phases (7)
  • 52+ Expert Classes per year
  • Website Feedback Platform – This provides you with crowdsourced feedback on your website or a specific page of your website. It works on a credit system where you give feedback on 2 sites in exchange for 1 site feedback request.
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Analysis

The cost is US$49 per month. An annual, discounted package is also available.

If you add up all the services that you get, the premium membership offers an excellent deal with all of the resources and tools you need to build an online business in one convenient place. Not to mention all the training, tutorials, and support that is included with your membership.

Yes, it costs money, but starting any business usually takes some amount of investment. The key is to invest wisely, be frugal, and make sure you’re investing in the right things. With Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, you are literally getting absolutely everything you’ll need to start a successful business online.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Membership (Advanced Package)

In November 2020, Wealthy Affiliate underwent some major platform improvements and released a new design, navigation, and interface to its platform with the aim of staying abreast of the latest technology and design evolutions.

A new membership bundle called Premium Plus was introduced which allows members to get a discounted bundle with the highest-level of products and services that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Included in this Premium Plus membership bundle are:

  • Jaaxy Enterprise ($99 per month value)
  • Hosting for up to 50 websites
  • Two free .com domains
  • 200 minimum Expert classes per year (YouTube, local marketing, e-commerce, WordPress, copywriting)
  • $100 worth of community credits that can be used towards Site Feedback and Site Comments
  • Exclusive Instant Access to Premium Plus only features which will be rolled out in the future.

The cost is US$99 per month. An annual, discounted package is also available.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Wealthy Affiliate offers some of the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training that’s available on the Internet and has tens of thousands of members with many success stories and a solid track record of helping people create successful affiliate marketing businesses online.

Most of the success stories on Wealthy Affiliate highlight that people are making money, not only by promoting Wealthy Affiliate, but by promoting an array of other products and services.

Here are a few screenshots of success stories found on Wealthy Affiliate, as shared in the member’s blog area.

You can read full details of the two posts above by clicking on the pictures or related links.

Although Wealthy Affiliate offers an awesome affiliate program, it teaches you how to promote nearly any product or service that you want to. Those success stories are a testament to that.

Things I DON’T LIKE About Wealthy Affiliate

Now that I’ve given you all the positive things about Wealthy Affiliate, its time for me to give you the list of things that I don’t like. After all, no matter how good something is, there is always room for improvement.

  • The volumes of information available on the Wealthy Affiliate platform can seem quite overwhelming at times. I have found myself trying to find the solution to questions outside of Wealthy Affiliate because after searching and searching on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I just couldn’t find the answer I was looking for. This resulted mainly from the fact that a lot of the information that is available on the platform is outdated, and when trying to use this outdated information I reached roadblocks. However, after private messaging a few members and watching some specific training videos, I eventually found the answers that I needed. Notwithstanding, the training material within the platform is definitely in need of an overhaul.
  • Because Wealthy Affiliate provides website hosting, certain funnels or funnel builders which require you to change your Domain Name System (DNS) settings simply cannot work on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Although there are workarounds, it’s still somewhat annoying when you see something that can add value to your website but you can’t use it because of the website hosting limitations.
  • Wealthy Affiliate does not have a Facebook group or forums built into the platform. They prefer to promote live chat sessions, blog posts, private messaging, and public questions that people can comment on. Although this has many advantages, I would still like to see forums being available where I can just browse by topic. Also, Facebook groups have grown quite popular for information sharing and I don’t think it would hurt to provide this option to members.

Final Thoughts

Now that I’ve given you the many positives of joining Wealthy Affiliate as well as the few drawbacks that I have found from my own experience, here are my final thoughts on the matter.

If you’re trying to find a great affiliate program for a business, make money online, or just want to further enhance your own affiliate marketing skills, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a good place to visit. It does have its limitations which I certainly can attest to, but my own experience has been that the positives greatly outnumber the negatives.

Best of all, their free membership option allows you to go in and try out their training and tools without you even having to provide your credit card details.

At the very least, you should consider signing up for the Starter Account, try it out and see what you think. And if you’re really serious about growing an online business, I’m sure you’ll like what you see.

It is important to note that this is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes lots of time, hard work and dedication to build an online business and achieve any level of success. But if you really buckle down and work hard, your success will come.

I hope that you found this Wealthy Affiliate review to be quite helpful. Not only did I put a lot of thought and effort into writing it, but I made it as unbiased as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave me a comment below, and I will respond to you ASAP.



Wealthy Affiliate











  • Free to Join
  • Easy to Follow Training
  • Interactive Weekly Classes
  • Lots of Resources provided


  • Lots of outdated content
  • No Facebook Group
  • Cannot change your DNS settings

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